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In the whole smart home system, there are 2 different parts. One part is smart control, the smart host sends out wireless signal to control the lighting switch, remote control socket, wireless curtain or other control terminals. Another part is smart security, the smart host will receive the wireless signal from different alarm sensors. Like wirelss PIR, door magnetic, smoke, gas etc. sensors.

In the system, when the security system is working, for example, one of the sensors is trigger by someone. It will send out wireless signal to the host. At meantime, it will link to open the lighting or other control terminals. Maybe both the 2 parts will work together. To avoid the interference between the parts, we make the two parts to use different frequency, for example, we use 315MHz for security system and use the 433Mhz for the controlling system. So both the two parts will work well.

The interference between 2 signal in same frequency is inevitable at present sicence. Maybe one day, our human sicentist will solve the problem. by then, there will also much update for the smart home system.

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